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Prefabricated T-Slot Structural Aluminum Frame Press Table Bases - What can you build today?


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Q.V.P. Structural Aluminum Bases and Tables

Basic Frame Press Table Base. T-slot design for modular assemblies.
Cut to length - drilled and tapped holes - all necessary hardware (u-clips, bolts, screws, tee nuts, Tee nut driver.)
Standard sizes in stock 4' & 5' rails with 8' or 10' Styles. CUSTOM SIZES available by quote. Manufactured in days not weeks.

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Base shown is 56" x 102" with standard levelers.
Base price for this table before options is $1100

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56" x 128" with standard levelers.
Base price for this table before options is $1300
Custom Extruded Aluminum Frame Press Table
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56" x 102" with optional casters (rated @ 150 lbs.) and optional (2) bottom rails for a shelf.
Base price = $1100 Caster option = $132 Optional rails (2) for shelf = $70
Custom Extruded Aluminum Table with optional rails for shelf
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Custom Built Frame Press Table Bases
Different sizes will have different configurations, as the number of rails and legs will change to accommodate the size of the frame press and top.
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Custom 14.5' x 5.5' for a 24" Top, casters rated at 250 lbs. each
Base price for this table before options is $2000.
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Different configuration requirements determine the number of casters needed and are usually sold at a package price.
Standard Levelers for Aluminum Fame Press Table Caster (non-locking) for Aluminum Frame Press Table Locking casters for Aluminum Frame Press Table
Easy adjusting levelers.
Casters: support
250 Lbs. $35 ea.
Locking Casters support
250 Lbs. $40 ea.
Optional Rail Pricing:
50.5" for a 4 Ft. base = $35  
60.5" for a 5 Ft. base = $42
Includes: drilling & tapping and comes with the U-clips and screws
for each end to attach to the styles
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2 hole corner bracket 4 hole 90 degree bracket 3 hole bracket 4 hole bracket 4 hole tee 2 hole adjustable bracket
2 hole
corner bracket
$3.00 each
4 hole 90 degree
Joining Plate
$8.50 each
3 Hole
Joining Plate
$5.50 Each
4 Hole
Joining Plate
$5.75 each
4 Hole Tee
Joining Plate
$8.50 Each
2 Hole Adjustable
Inner Corner Bracket
$5.50 Each
U Clip Double Tee Nut Single Tee Nut
U-Clip End Fastener
$ 1.60 ea.
Threaded Double Tee Nut
$ 1.50 ea.
Single Tee Nut
$0.45 ea.
5/16-18 x 1/2" Button Cap 25° Angle 3/16" Hex Driver
5/16"-18 x 3/4" Button Cap
$0.35 ea.
25° Angle 3/16" Hex Driver


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What can you build today?

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Extruded Aluminum Fastener
End section fastener a.k.a U clip.

2° Drop Lock prevents loosening from vibration.
Works with most manufactured fasteners.

Custom Build, shop tables, enclosures, grinder benches, table extensions, quickly and efficiently, bring the components for assembly to a central location.
Build from where the parts are located.
Centralize work flows, increase safety and production.

t slotted aluminum rail

24' Lengths Extruded Structural Aluminum
Up to 3 cuts free per 24' length.
8' Sections ship easily with UPS.

Call in your ORDER
Toll Free... 800-547 5484
Tel... 978-562-4680
PRICING: Material 6005-T5 Aluminum
24' Lengths - $195 Est. Wt./Ft  1.362 lbs.
3 or more - $150 Est. Area   1.135sq. in.
Need a special size table base or structure call for a quote!