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Glue spreaders side view

Cutter, Glue Spreader and Glue Rollers

Glue spreaders front view
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Glue Spreaders and Storage Container

If you want to reduce your preparation time, a Glue Spreader is the Solution:
  • Save a significant amount of time.
  • Apply an even coat of glue quickly and easily.
  • Lower costs by using less glue, reducing squeeze-out and thus avoiding terrible messes.
Glue Spreader and Storage Container For a short video on the veneering accessories

1. 5 1/2 Spreader-Hopper Capacity:1 Qt.. Made of sturdy ABS with aluminum doctor roller, brass fittings & rubber handle

2. 7" Spreader-Hopper Capacity: 2 Qts.. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, chromated fittings & rubber handle

3. Storage Container-Works with either 5 1/2" or 7" Spreaders.
hand veneer cutter and veneer paper tape

5.  Veneer Cutter-Fast smooth cutting without the usual tearing or splintering effects. This light weight professionaltool will cut or trim veneers up to 1mm(.04")thick. A must for anyone working with veneer.

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Clamping Accessories

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Vacuum Tape Clamping

vacuum tape closed cell neoprene
The foam tape which is placed around the outside of the vacuum template to create the Vacuum chamber between the vacuum jig and the work piece. The tape is a closed cell neoprene rubber 3/8" x 3/16" with the correct density to work best in a variety of clamping applications. It sticks to the vacuum jig, but not to the work piece.

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Vacuum Hose Clamping
Vacuum Hose is a thick walled vinyl tubing. VP2's 4's and PV'2 & PV4's use the 3/8" I.D. Hose, PV6's and all other automatic air powered systems use 1/2 I.D. Hose.

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Vacuum clamping Jigs Clamping

These Vacuum Jigs are made of 3/4" thick Clear Acrylic which is ideal for clamping because it will not warp or leak like wood or wood products.

Vacuum clamping jigs and fixture for hold down
1. "Right" Angle Clamp- Hold 2 pieces together at a "right" angle when fastening them.   Use 4 jigs and hold a cabinet together. No more awkward mechanical clamps.
2. Straight Edge-Place it anywhere, no mechanical clamps to interfere with cutting tools. Use it on assembled pieces or vertical surfaces. 30" x 3" X 3/4" or 48" x 3" x 3/4"
3. Base Plate-Multi-size general purpose holding for routing, sanding, cutting, etc.
4. Toggle Clamp-Place on any surface, vertical or horizontal, to hold any piece, where it might be normally hard to get a clamp. For example to hold a medallion on the side entertainment "center" while it is being screwed from the inside.
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Quick Disconnects Clamping

Quick Disconnects for clamping jigs
Quick Disconnects are used to quickly change your vacuum line from one template to another. Made of a light weight, tough plastic unlike, the large heavy metal quick disconnects used with air-line. Compressed air quick disconnects are large, heavy and may not hold vacuum as some need pressure to create a seal.

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