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Customer Profile

Name: StudioRossi
Location: Beverly, MA

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Fred Rossi of Rossi Custom Woodwork
Custom curved chair from Rossi Woodwork
I am extremely excited about our second installment of Q.V.P. customer profiles. The other day I had the pleasure of meeting up with Fred Rossi at his shop in Beverly, MA. It was a very pleasant afternoon. It was great to hear about his back story. Fred started off his career going to U Penn and getting his degree communications and then on to The Wharton School where he got his MBA in real estate finance. While in High School and  U Penn he spent a lot of time working with the theater program where his love of building really shined. He spent the next 9 years in real estate finance. After his career in real estate finance he worked on building his home in Manchester MA. I was able to see this home and it is breath taking. While working on his home he took commissions to make beautiful pieces of furniture. Shortly after this he started StudioRossi.  I was amazed at all the ingenuity through out his shop. He has made countless tools to make his shop more efficient. He has crafted his own surfacing table with a Festool router. This table allows him to surface pieces up to 40" wide and 10' long. He also made his own collapsible spray booth using three 4 x 8 sheets of plywood hinged together. In the center sheet he has a cut out with 3 floor fans.

While chatting I learned that we are both Eagle scouts. This started a long conversation on how scouting changed our lives. In his adult life Fred got back into scouting by being the Cub Master of Pack 3 in Manchester, MA. He served there for 3 years and then became the Scout Master of Troop 3. He is now the on the Eagle Board and helps the scouts in their advancement to Eagle Scout. He was able to see both his sons achieve the rank of Eagle. I am now the Pack Master of my sons pack and it was so nice to be able to get sage advice from a seasoned veteran of scouts. Ed the owner and founder of Q.V.P. was also a Scout Master and proud Wood Badge member. So I have many great influences for my adult scouting career. I can't wait to hear from other woodworkers out there that have a love of scouting.

So please check out StudioRossi's website as well as his Facebook page. These are just a few pictures from his collection. I am having a great time bringing you these profiles. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am. If you would like Q.V.P. to do a customer profile on your company please feel free to e mail me or call.
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