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Electric vacuum press systems - Pressing, veneering and laminating

Automatic electric vacuum press systems as well as continuous vacuum pumps from 1 to 10 CFM

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Automatic electric systems use rotary vane electric vacuum pumps or piston electric vacuum pump to create vacuum and an electric controller to maintain the correct vacuum level. The Electric Controller is adjustable and automatically regulates the vacuum level within the Vacuum Bag or Frame Press. Rotary vane pumps produce 26.6" Hg. and are manufactured by a well-respected company who specializes in producing high quality electric vacuum pumps.

Quality VAKuum Products, Inc. builds their electric systems with the pump and electric controller as separate units. This provides several advantages over a single unit built inside of a large metal box. First, keeping the units separate allows the woodworker to sit the pump on the floor or under a bench, allowing the controller to be place on top of the bench. The gauge is now easily seen by the operator and any adjustments to the pump can now be made easily. Also, the possibility of the pump overheating is dramatically reduced, especially in shops without air conditioning. Metal enclosures will retain heat, possibly causing the pumps thermal overload to react and shut off. If this happens the pressing could be lost. Q.V.P.'s design helps prevent this from happening. Another advantage is if the controller fails, just unplug the pump from the controller and plug it directly into the wall and save your job. Also if the pump wears out you can use it with any other 3/4 h.p. or less electric pump.
10 CFM Automatic Electric Vacuum System for Veneering and Laminating
Systems includes:
Automatic electric vacuum veneering and laminating system pricing chart
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spacer line Manual Electric Systems
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If funds are limited we offer a lower-priced manual system which can be upgraded to an automatic system in the future. This is a good starter system. The manual system consists of a rotary vane electric vacuum pump, a vacuum bag, and all the accessories needed to manually veneer and laminate. At any time, an electric controller can be added. You simply plug your pump into the controller and start the system. Without an electric controller, the manual pump must be run continuously, or be turned on and off by the operator. The pump has a rated life of 2 years of continuous operation per the manufacturer.
10 CFM Manual electric vacuum systems for veneering and laminating
System Includes:
Manual electric vacuum systems for veneering and laminating pricing chart
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Automatic controller for electric vacuum pumps
Works with pumps 3/4 H.P. or smaller
Price: $362
Electric Controllers can be purchased separately if you already own an electric vacuum pump. This unit will regulate the correct vacuum level within your bag. It includes an adjustable vacuum sensor, a vacuum gauge, a circuit breaker, brass fittings, and a 3 way on/off switch, all built into a controller box. Setup up is simple: plug your pump and electric controller together, plug the controller into the wall socket, connect your vacuum hose to the electric controller and to your pump, and turn the switch On. It's that easy!
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EK1=Electric Clamping Kit
Improve your productivity by turning your electric vacuum system into a hands free clamping system.


Special Price- $165
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