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Veneer Glue VAK-Bond 2000 - for vacuum pressing

The industry standard for vacuum bag veneering and laminating

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Use VAK-Bond 2000 veneering glue with 20-30 minutes of open time. It's rigid glue line minimizes spring back. Other glues cure by water or solvent migrating away from the joint, VAK-Bond 2000 veneering glue cures by a chemical reaction for a rigid and high water and heat resistant glue line. It is also the recommended glue by the veneering and laminating industry.
This is a urea type plastic resin veneer glue.
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  • Rigid Glue Line -No creep, great for curved work like arches, staircases, and flat veneered or laminated panels.
  • Sands Easily -Sands without gumming the sandpaper.
  • Water Resistant Glue -Protects against high humidity and accidental spills.
  • Heat Resistant Glue -Protects against heat delamination from storage in hot rooms or transit in hot trailers, etc.
  • Pre-Catalyzed Powder -Long shelf life of 12 months. (some liquids can only be stored for 3 months).
  • Long Open Time -20 - 30 minutes to assemble your work.
  • Long Pot Time -1 -2 hours at 70°F.
  • Adjustable Cure Time -Shorten the set time by increasing the temperature of your bag with the use of an electric blanket.
  • Neutral Tan Color -Tint it lighter with our white tint. (See pictures below for color comparison.)
VAK-Bond 2000 Dry
VAK-Bond Bond 2000
VAK-Bond 2000 Dry
VAK-Bond 2000 Dry
Contact cements typically have the following problems: bubbles, softening due to heat or alcohol, defects due to finish solvents that penetrate veneer, no repositioning after the veneer makes contact with the substrate. Remember, contact cements only provide a surface bond and do not penetrate into the wood nor do they ever harden as VAK-Bond 2000 Veneer Glue does. VAK-Bond 2000 cures by a chemical reaction, not by water or solvent evaporation like other types of glue. For this reason it cures with a rigid glue line.
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