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Customer Profile

Name: Mark Luedeman
Location: Beacon, NY


This is an except from an e mail I received from one of our customers, Mark Luederman.


"It was great talking to you last week. In regards to posting some of my work, I see that you have created some profile sites for those who do business with you.  That’s great!


Please find the attached images.  Each each piece was produced using the equipment and materials you’ve sold me over the years.  The creativity and flexibility that veneering offers has been SO personally satisfying I can not begin to tell you.  Not to mention all the additional options I am able to offer my clients.


From an early age, I knew I wanted to build.  Creativity runs through my veins and when I’m not toiling away, I love to be out in nature studying what appears before my eyes. I’m inspired by nature, and shows up in my personal projects as curved features.  As I say, “there are very few straight lines in nature.” 

For the past 27 years I’ve been self employed and have earned my living as a builder who is self taught.  During the first 13 years, I built scenery for print photography and the projects regularly appeared in magazines and advertising.  For the last 14, I’ve focused on permanent room installations, custom designed interiors and furniture fabrication.    Some of these projects have also appeared in well known publications, such as Architectural Digest, Westchester Home and a new one called Galerie.


Only recently have I begun to develop my own furniture pieces which focuses on showing off the inherent beauty of wood: nature has done it all, I just want to share it with the world.  These pieces often include custom designed veneered surfaces and/or metal accents.


Today, I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, My clients are primarily in New York City, but I do venture out to the Hamptons of Long Island as projects require." - Mark Luederman


So please check out Mark Luedeman website. These are just a few pictures from his collection. I am having a great time bringing you these profiles. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am. If you would like Q.V.P. to do a customer profile on your company please feel free to e mail me or call.