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Instructional Free DVD on vacuum veneering, laminating and pressing -

From basic vacuum bag veneering techniques to advanced laminating with a vacuum press.

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Vacuum Veneering & Klamping!

  1. 60 minutes of basic veneering and clamping techniques.
  2. 40 Minutes of product overview. (Understanding what's available.)
  3. 20 Minutes of advanced vacuum veneering and laminating techniques.

Round top window being laminated in a vacuum press veneering a raised panel in a vacuum bag using a vacuum press to apply a book matched veneer
Hosted by a 6th generation cabinet maker with over 20 years experience in vacuum applications in the shop, the video is the best step you can take to become familiar with vacuum veneering  & clamping. It will open up your eyes to the endless possibilities that vacuum creates for you, by covering veneering, pressing, laminating and clamping in detail.
Step by step information shows how to cut veneer, patch veneer, what veneer face should go up, when to cross band veneer, what tools are needed, etc. Demonstrations include veneering a flat panel, making a curved door with bent laminations and applying a book-match veneer, an advanced technique to make large curved laminations like a window arch, where the form is outside the bag. Vacuum clamping for routing, sanding, holding and more.
In addition, you will learn about vacuum terminology and what it means to thewoodworker. The equipment is explained so you will see and understand what exactly you are investing in. Also, learn about our upgrade policy that lets you improve your pumps performance without losing your original investment.
Here are just some of the comments we have received from our customers who have seen the video:
"This video cleared up many questions and gave me the confidence to get into veneering. I'll start with a manual system and upgrade later - no one offers a system like this!" - B.H. Fresno, CA
"I watched it 4 times and learned something new each time. I have over 20 years experience as a professional woodworker, but the video provided me with a wealth of new information." - S.T. Boulder, CO
Topics Covered in the Video
Veneering, Pressing & Laminating

Clamping - Vacuum Hold Down

Equipment Used

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