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Completely pneumatic vacuum press for veneering and laminating

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Polyurethane and vinyl bags for veneering and laminating

Flip top frame presses for veneering and laminating

The recomended glue in the industry for veneering

Hand held glue spreaders to spread glue on your veneers or laminates

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Veneer Glue VAK-Bond 2000 - for vacuum pressing

The industry standard for vacuum bag veneering and laminating

To talk to a veneer glue specialist call 800 547-5484

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Link to video on VAK-Bond 2000 Here is a short video on VAK-Bond 2000

Use VAK-Bond 2000 veneering glue with 20-30 minutes of open time. It's rigid glue line minimizes spring back. Other glues cure by water or solvent migrating away from the joint, VAK-Bond 2000 veneering glue cures by a chemical reaction for a rigid and high water and heat resistant glue line. It is also the recommended glue by the veneering and laminating industry.
This is a urea type plastic resin veneer glue.

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  • Rigid Glue Line -No creep, great for curved work like arches, staircases, and flat veneered or laminated panels.
  • Sands Easily -Sands without gumming the sandpaper.
  • Water Resistant Glue -Protects against high humidity and accidental spills.
  • Heat Resistant Glue -Protects against heat delamination from storage in hot rooms or transit in hot trailers, etc.
  • Pre-Catalyzed Powder -Long shelf life of 12 months. (some liquids can only be stored for 3 months).
  • Long Open Time -20 - 30 minutes to assemble your work.
  • Long Pot Time -1 -2 hours at 70°F.
  • Adjustable Cure Time -Shorten the set time by increasing the temperature of your bag with the use of an electric blanket.
  • Neutral Tan Color -Tint it lighter with our white tint. (See pictures below for color comparison.)
VAK-Bond 2000 Dry VAK-Bond Bond 2000 VAK-Bond 2000 Dry VAK-Bond 2000 Dry

Contact cements typically have the following problems: bubbles, softening due to heat or alcohol, defects due to finish solvents that penetrate veneer, no repositioning after the veneer makes contact with the substrate. Remember, contact cements only provide a surface bond and do not penetrate into the wood nor do they ever harden as VAK-Bond 2000 Veneer Glue does. VAK-Bond 2000 cures by a chemical reaction, not by water or solvent evaporation like other types of glue. For this reason it cures with a rigid glue line.

Style Description Price
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VB2000-6 6 lbs. - Makes over 1 gallon. $34.00
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VB2000-10 10 lbs. 50.00
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VB2000-25 25 lbs. 125.00
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VB2000-50 50 lbs. 225.00
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VB2000-100 100 lbs. 355.00
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VAK-Softener Makes veneer flexible & helps flatten it
Style Description Price
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VKS 1/2 Gallon - Makes 1 Gallon $34.00
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Stainless Steel Mixers Mixes to creamy consistency.

Size to Mix

Shaft Dia. Length Price
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VBM5 5 -15 lbs. 1/4" 15" $20.00
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Tint Maximum 10% by powder weight.
Style Description Price
VKT 1 lb. White $10.00
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Special Introductory Kit
Style Description Price
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VB2000-6 6 lbs. $34.00
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VBM5 Mixer 20.00
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VKT Tint 1 lb. White 10.00
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Regular Price   64.00
Only 1 per customer