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Completely pneumatic vacuum press for veneering and laminating

Electric vacuum pumps for veenering and laminating

Polyurethane and vinyl bags for veneering and laminating

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The recomended glue in the industry for veneering

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Vacuum Bag Veneers and Systems

Polyurethane and Vinyl vacuum veneering bags for pressing flat panel, arch jambs and curved staircases/handrails.

Polyurethane and Vinyl vacuum veneering bags in both 20 and 30 mil.

Vacuum veneering bags

Poly and Vinyl

Curved drawer front in vacuum bag

Curved work

10 foot six inch by 72 inch  wide vacuum bag

Flat panels

Curved jamb inside vacuum bag

Curved arches

Vacuum bag pricing chart Stair case stringer in a vacuum bag system

Spiral Staircases

Quality VAKuum Products, Inc. offers vacuum veneering bags in 4 different styles: 20 Mil and 30 Mil Vinyl, and 20 and 30 Mil Polyurethane. Q.V.P. stocks a variety of vacuum veneering bags sizes ranging from a small 4' x 27" bag, to a large 10'6" x 72" bag! The most popular size vacuum veneering bag is the 8'6" x 52". This bag gives the woodworker the versatility to do small pieces, in addition to large 4' x 8'sheets. Q.V.P. can also make custom sized bags for those special jobs up to 9'wide x 80' long and anything in between. If are looking for an odd size bag or are looking for a used bag we have many in stock. To view these bags click here. Call 800 547-5484 for custom sizes.

Q.V.P. offers a lifetime warranty on all of our veneering bag seams. If for any reason a seam on a bag delaminates, Q.V.P. will fix or repair it for the entire life of the bag. (U.S.A. ONLY, see warranty)

All Q.V.P. vacuum veneering bags are made with the same material on the top and bottom. This means that the woodworker can now turn the bag over once the top side begins to see excessive wear. The bottom side will be fresh and can be used for more pressing. This feature will nearly double the life of the bag.

A Vacuum Connector Assembly, or VCA, is used to connect the bag to your vacuum tubing. It can be placed in the veneering bag at the most convenient location to meet your needs. Because it is not permanently attached to your vacuum bag, you can now flip the bag over, as described above, or use it on a different bag. Each bag comes with a flexible C-Closure System which prevents any leakage from the open end of the vacuum bag. This is true even when pressing large curved objects. With a poly bag, one end closure can be moved down to accommodate smaller jobs. VCA (3/8" I.D. tubing connector or VCA6 1/2" I.D. Tubing Connector are not included with the bag.) Vacuum bag connector chart Vacuum bag connector close up view