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New products from Q.V.P.

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Aluminum Table Frames and Complete Vacuum Frame Press Tables

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extruded aluminum table on casterWhen you purchase a Vacuum Frame Press you typically need to make a table for it. We know that time is important for you so we now offer a Aluminum table frame for you to put a top on plus the frame. Or we also now offer complete Aluminum Tables with the Vacuum Frame Press already assembled. All you will have to do is attach the legs that are provided. It will save you at least a days worth of labor. They come in standard sizes and are also available in custom sizes. They are made from easy to assemble light weight but heavy duty aluminum. They come standard with levelers for feet but are also available with casters.

  • SAVE TIME - Easy to set up and assemble

  • SAVE SHOP SPACE - Be able to move it around your shop

  • GET PIECE OF MIND - Know that you have a sturdy flat table.

We offer the table just by itself. You provide a top. Or you can purchase a fully assembled table.Extruded aluminum table with vacuum frame press

Aluminum Table Only - You provide the top



104.5" 128.5"
56.5" $1,100 $1,300
68.5" $1,200 $1,400

30 Mil Poly Tops

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flip top vacuum frame press open   Flip Top Frame Press

A vacuum frame press allows for easier loading of large parts. It also allows for stacking of up to 20 panels in the 24" high frame press. Over size frame presses 5' x 24' x 36" high) have been fabricated. Extra high tops of up to 43" can be fabricated in days, not weeks. All of our frame presses are manufactured in house and stock frames ship usually within 24 hours. Custom frame presses usually ship within 2 - 3 days.


  • Quick loading and unloading of parts
  • One person can now veneer 4 X 8 panels easily
  • Load multiple smaller pieces more efficiently
  • Can easily press up to 20 panels at once
  • Stock and Custom Sizes available


Part # FP510 FP410 FP58 FP48 FP44 FP22
Inside Dimensions 126" x 66" 126" x 54" 102" x 66" 102" x 54" 54" x 54" 25" x 25"
18" for 5' wide
24" for 4' wide

30 Mil Poly
$1,895 $1,790 $1,680 $1,600 $1,150 $560
6" gusset
30 Mil Poly
$1,395 $1,190 $1,350 $1,100 $900 $450
18" for 5' wide
24" for 4' wide
20 mill poly
$1,450 $1,350 $1,275 $1,150 $825 $400
6" gusset
20 Mil Poly
$995 $850 $950 $795 $565 $325


Special Sizes Quoted upon request

Shipped within     72 hours (99%)

The frames come in kit form. The aluminum frames have a doubled sided tape applied to the outside and underside to adhere the polyurethane top.
The corner angle irons slip into the frame and have screws to easily assemble the frame. You need to provide the table for the frame and detailed
instructions are included for proper table building procedures. The table and baseboard is not provided by Q.V.P.



Quick Press

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Quik Press for vacuum veneering and laminating Quality VAKuum Products, Inc. (Q.V.P.) announces a new Quik Press for vacuum pressing. A lightweight, easy to move vacuum frame press that's always ready to use. For those who need to press a few flat panels and do not want to set up your full size vacuum bag. Designed to be stored ready-to-use, the Quik Press can be set up on a bench or saw horses, loaded with a flat panel (2' x 5' max) and evacuated. The only set up required is to attach a vacuum line to the vacuum pump. Once evacuated, the Quik Press can be moved to an out-of-the-way location (leaned against the wall, hung from hooks in the ceiling or wall) while the glue dries, thus freeing up a bench or floor space.

The Quik Press was designed to meet the request of many vacuum press users who need to press one or two panels and do not want to set up their full size vacuum bag which Quik Press for vacuum veneering and laminating takes up more space and time. Anyone with a vacuum pump can benefit from the Quik Press because of its ready-to-go, store-it-anywhere features.

Easy Frame Closed Standing Up Easy Frame 72" x 32" with a .020 Poly membrane only $375.00

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