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Vacuum Press by Quality VAKuum Products

- supplier of pressing equipment for vacuum veneering, laminating and hold down.

We want to show you that a vacuum press is one of the most useful and cost effective tools you can add to your shop.

When it comes to vacuum pressing there are a many questions that need to be answered. We realize that sifting through all the information is time consuming and sometimes confusing. So we have placed our instructional video and product line video on DVD to make life easier for you. These are offered at no charge.

Q.V.P. is proud to be among the first VAKuum veneering & laminating companies on the Internet. As such, we try our best for this website to be as informative and user friendly as possible. This site is always under improvement and will be geared towards giving you easy to understand information about our products and how to improve your woodworking operations. Please feel free to contact us with any comments and suggestions on how we can make this website as useful to you as possible.

Q.V.P. offers both Air-Powered and Electric systems for pressing and clamping applications. Q.V.P. has over 27 stock bags in both polyurethane and vinyl. We make all our bags in house so if you ever have the need for a custom bag it will usually ship within 24 hours. We have 6 stock size frame presses. All our frame presses are available with .020" or .030" polyurethane from 6" to 24" tall. We can also custom make almost any size frame press and ship within days not weeks. In addition, we carry a variety of veneering and clamping accessories, to help simplify your procedures.

As a former owner of a small woodworking shop, I know the importance of having the right tools. They are important not only to do the job correctly and efficiently, but also to help to grow the business.

I would encourage you to seriously consider a vacuum pressing and clamping system to improve the productivity of your shop and to expand into the world of veneers and bent laminations. Many of our satisfied customers comment that this work is not only a creative challenge, but a satisfying one.

Need help deciding which system to buy? Or do you need a special order of something you don't see in our catalog, just call toll free any time800~547-5484 and ask. We at Q.V.P. are looking to build a long term relationship with you. So please feel free to call us with any comments, positive or negative.

Knowledgeable Staff

Quality VAKuum Products offers the widest variety of vacuum pressing equipment. This can be quite daunting when deciding what system will best fit your individual needs. We understand this and have a friendly and knowledgeable staff willing to assist you with any questions you have. The majority of our staff has over 15 years of experience in the field.